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Examiners employed by Spectrum Forensic International are board-certified by the Board of Forensic Document Examiners and by the National Association of Document Examiners.

The Board of Forensic Document Examiners (BFDE) is a national board that offers diplomate certification through an extensive proctored written examination and comprehensive performance examination.  Certification applicants are tested in all areas of document examination including:

- Foundation skills
- Gathering evidence
- Analyzing handwriting
- Analyzing falsified documents
- Analyzing features of paper and media
- Analyzing impact and non-impact images
- Use of laboratory instruments
- Evaluating evidence and presenting case findings
- Demonstrating knowledge of legal procedures

The BFDE is accredited by the Forensic Specialties Accreditation Board (FSAB) which assesses, recognizes, and monitors forensic certification boards.  Recertification is required every five years. 

Link to BFDE site http://www.bfde.org/
Link to FSAB site: http://www.thefsab.org/


The National Association of Document Examiners (NADE) provides a comprehensive certification program that includes a proctored written and oral examination process.  The oral examination includes the examination of a mock case, written report, and presentation of findings before the NADE certification examination board.  In order to qualify to take the NADE certification exam, the candidate needs to show proof of previous court testimony.  NADE requires recertification every five years.   

Link to NADE site http://www.documentexaminers.org/


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